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Midas Media makes it easy for our clients. Whether your a big or small company or just an independent. We do all the heavy lifting and simplify the process. We will guide you through the steps and make sure your site is the best it can be. Welcome to Midas Media, your future starts now!

3 Easy Steps

Three easy steps to start the process.

Step 1: Contact us and tell us what you would like.

Step 2: Send us your pictures and videos and other content.

Step 3: We will create the site and have it online within the week. Its as easy as that!

Ready to go!

Once your website is online then we can revise anything you would like. We respond quickly and efficiently. Also make sure to check out our maintenance plans. Keep your website up to date and get 24 hr monitoring.

Web design is an art. Choose the right artist.

Not just
web design!

Midas Media is one of the only companies that offer web design, video editing and graphic design. You would be hard pressed to find a firm that does all three.


We offer hosting and it is included with every package. Hosting and monitoring come at competitive rates.


We will purchase the domain name for you unless you already have a domain name. You just have to renew it.

content management

We manage all of our websites which is free for the first year. The year after is included in the hosting.


We off regular maintenance to all of our clients websites. Free for one year. This is included in the hosting.


We create custom logos for clients. From test based to image based, Simple to complex.


We offer limited SEO. If you would like anything more comprehensive please feel free to contact us.

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about us

Midas Media has been operating since 2013. The goal of the company is to design the most creative and outstanding websites on the internet for the most affordable prices. We want to decomplicate the process for the clients. Let them know that we handle all the complex operations and give them peace of mind.

Website Take Aways

Must haves

Every business needs a website

Level up your business

A business email is a huge win for credibility